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( ) 1. ________ it is today!
A. What fine weather
B. What a fine weather
C. How a fine weather
D. How fine a weather
解析:选A. 此题容易误选B. weather是不可数名词,前面不能有不定冠词。英语中经常考查的不可数名词有work, news, adivice, information等。

( ) 2. Which is the way to the __________?
A. shoe factory
B. shoes factory
C. shoe’s factory
D. shoes’ factory
解析: 选A. 此题极易误选B, C, D. 英语中名词单数可以修饰名词,如: an apple tree—two apple trees. 但注意 a man teacher—two men teachers。

( ) 3. This class ________ now. Miss Gao teaches them.
A. are studying
B. is studying
C. be studying
D. studying
解析: 选A. 此题容易误选B. class, family, team等单词如果表示整体谓语就用单数,表示个体就用复数,从语境及其后面的代词them可以看出,class表示个体,故选择A。

( ) 4. We will have a _________ holiday after the exam.
A. two month
B. two-month
C. two month’s
D. two-months
解析: 选择B. 此题容易误选C, D. 在英语中数词中间用连字符号加名词单数,构成符合名词,在句中只能作定语, 如果选择C, 需要把逗号放s后面。

( ) 5. There is no enough ________ on the corner to put the table.
A. place
B. room
C. floor
D. ground
解析: 选B. 此题最容易误选A.。 room在句中是空间而非房间。句意:角落里没有摆桌子的空间了。

( ) 6. We can have _____ blue sky if we create _____ less polluted world.
A. a; a
B. a; the
C. the; a
D. the; the
解析:选A. 此题容易误选C, D. 根据句意:如果我们创造一个没有污染的世界,那么我们就用一个蓝色的天空。

( ) 7. — Are you ________ American or English?
— English. We are working in Wuhu.
A. a
B. \
C. the
D. an
解析:选B 此题容易误选D. 句中American是形容词而非名词,如果句中改为Are you __________ or an English man? 就选择D。

( ) 8. You like playing basketball, and he likes running, _______?
A. don’t you
B. doesn’t he
C. do you
D. does he
解析:选择B. 此题容易误选A. 其实不是对前面的句中进行反问,而是对he likes running进行反问。

( ) 9. —Why not take ____ umbrella with the sign “ Made in China”? It is _____ useful umbrella.
—What _______ good advice it is!
A. an; an; a
B. an; a; \
C. a; an; a
D. \; an; a
解析: 选B. 大多数学生容易做错此题。记住an用在元音音素前而不是元音字母前,记住了这一点就知道了an umbrella 和a useful umbrella. 在最后一句中advice是不可数名词,前面不能接不定冠词。故选择B。

( ) 10. —When shall we meet again next week?
— ____ day is possible. It’s no problem with me.
A. Either
B. Neither
C. Every
D. Any
解析: 此题非常难,选D. 下周任何一天都可以再次见面。Any在肯定句中意思是“任何的”。下周有七天容易排除A, B. 如果把next week 改为next Monday or Tuesday, 则必须选择A。

( ) 11. Robert has gone to ____ city and he’ll be back in a week.
A. other
B. the other
C. another
D. any other
解析:选C. 三个以上另外一个用another, other一般情况下修饰名词复数, the other表示两个中的另外一个,any other任何别的。句意:罗伯特去了另一个城市,一周后回来。

( ) 12.—A latest magazine, please.
—Only one left. Would you like to have ________?
A. it
B. one
C. this
D. that
解析:选A. 此题容易误选B. 根据句意:— 买一份最新报纸,—只剩下一份了,你要买这份吗?据此我们知道指的就是手里的那份报纸,并不是同一类事物。

( ) 13. —Which book would you like to borrow?
—_______ of the two books is OK with me.
A. Either
B. Both
C. Any
D. None
解析:选A. 此题容易误选B. 根据two books好容易排除C, D. 从谓语动词单数is 我们排除B。故选择A。

( ) 14. Mrs. Lee teaches ________ math. We all like her.
A. we
B. us
C. our
D. ours
解析: 选B. 考查学生对teach sb sth。的掌握情况。 此题容易误选C. 误选C的学生是看见后面有名词math, 思维定势名词前面必须用形容词性物主代词。

( ) 15. There are many trees on ________ side of the street.
A. either
B. any
C. all
D. both
解析:选A. 此题容易误选D. 街道只有两边,排除B, C. both后面接复数,on either side of the strreet等于on the both sides of. 。如果选择D. side必须用复数形式。

( ) 16.________ is the population of the city?
A. How many
B. What
C. How many people
D. How much
解析:B. 此题容易误选A, C. 人口多少用What. 相当于How many people are there in the city?

( ) 17. —Why don’t we take a little break?
— Didn’t we just have _______ ?
A. it
B .that
C. one
D. this
解析:选 C. 同类事物用one. 句意:—为什么我们不休息一会儿?—刚才我们不是才休息吗?

( ) 18. The teacher asked the boy many questions,but he only answered___ of them.
解析:A. 此题会误选D. 但前面有only, 如果去掉副词则选D。

( ) 19.About ______ the fans are waiting here. They want to see the great singer.
A. two thousand of
B.two thousand
C.thousand of
D.two thousands of
解析:选D. 此题极容易选错,误认为是B. 但two thousand后面直接接名词复数,不能有冠词the, 句意是:歌迷中大约有2000人在那里等,想看看这位伟大的歌星。

( ) 20. —How many apples do I have?
— You can have ______. I want none of them.
A. one
B. all
C. both
解析:选B. 学生易误选A , D. 其实如果没有I want none of them这句话,四个答案都是对的。从句意:我一个也不想要,就知道你可以吃所有苹果。

( ) 21.Japan is ________ the east of China. Taiwan is ____ the southeast of China.
A. in; in
B. to; in
C. on ; to
D. in; to
解析:选B. 日本位于中国东部(外面)用to, 台湾位于中国东部(内部)用in。

( ) 22.The postman shouted, “ Mr Green, here is a letter ________ you.”
A. to
B. from
C. for
D. of
解析: 选C. 介词的考查。句意:Mr Green, 这是你的信。学生容易误选A。

( ) 23.He hasn’t heard from his friend __________ last month.
A. since
B. by the end of
C. for
D. until
解析: A. 此题学生容易受思维定势not… until…的影响误选D。since用于现在完成时,如果此题是一般过去时就选择D。

( ) 24.—Jimmy lost his key yesterday.
—________? It’s his third time in just one month. 
A. Has he
B. Did he
C. Was he
D. Does he
解析:B. 根据上一句一般过去时可以判断。

( ) 25.You’ve passed the exam. I’m happy ______ you.
A. on
B. at
C. in
D. for
解析:选D. 句意:你考试及格了,我为你高兴。

( ) 26. I wonder ________ they finished so many different jobs in such a short time。
A. why
B. how
C. when
D. where
解析:选B. 句意:我想知道他在如此短的时间内是怎样完成这么多不同工作的。

( ) 27. —Ought I to go right now?
A. That’s very bad.
B. Yes, you go ought to
C. Yes, you ought
D. No, you ought not to
解析: 选D. 句子的肯定回答为:Yes, you ought to. 否定回答为:No, you ought not to.

( ) 28. I don’t know when he ________. When he _______ here, I’ll call you in a minute.
A. will come; will arrive
B. comes; arrices
C. will come; arrives
D. comes; will arrive
解析:选C. 第一句是宾语从句根据语境用一般将来时,第二句是时间状语从句,由于主句是一般将来时,那么从句要用一般现在时来代替。

( ) 29. He turned ________ the radio a little because his father was asleep.
A. on
B. down
C. up
D. off
解析: 选B. 此题学生会误选D. 但后面有个副词短语a little, 故选择B, 意为:把收音机调小一点,父亲在睡觉。如果去掉a little则选择D。

( ) 30. I don’t know the homework _______ today.
A. on
B. in
C. of
D. for
解析: 选D. 句意: 我不知道今天的家庭作业。

( ) 31. —Would you like some coffee?
—Yes, and please get me some milk. I prefer coffee _____ milk.
A. with
B. to
C. of
D. on
解析: A. 此题学生极易受思维定势prefer… to… 的影响误选B。句意:我喜欢加牛奶的咖啡。

( ) 32. They each ___ a book. Each of them ___ from China.
A. has;are
B. have; is
C. are having;are
D. is having;is
解析:选B. 此题考查主谓一致。此题应该用一般现在时,排除C, D. each作同位语谓语动词与主语保持一致,each做主语谓语动词用单数。

( ) 33. — __________ you ________ your book to the library?
— Yes. I returned it yesterday.
A. Did, return
B. Have, returned
C. Will, return
D. Do, return
解析:选择B. 此题容易误选A. 从句意看:你把书归还图书馆了吗?是的。我昨天归还了。对现在的影响是“书不在这儿了”。

( ) 34. Though it’s cloudy now, it _________ get sunny later.
A. can
B. may
C. must
D. need
解析: 选B. 表示可能性用may. Can主要表示两种用法,一种是表示能力,另外一种是请求许可; must必须;need需要。

( ) 35.It is in the library, you _______ talk loudly.
A. may not
B. can’t
C. needn’t
D. mustn’t

( ) 36. If anyone wants to say something in class, you ________ put up your hands first.
A. must
B. may
C. should
D. can
解析:选C。 句意: 课堂上如果你想说点东西,你应该举手。

( ) 37.The pen _________ him ten yuan.
A. paid
B. cost
C. took
D. spent
解析:选B. 动词辨析。主语是物用cost. Pay, spend的主语是人。 Take的形式主语是it。

( ) 38. The train _________ for twenty minutes.  
A. left
B. has left
C. is leaving
D. has been away
解析: 选D. 此题形式会误选B. 但瞬间性动词不能与一段时间for twenty minutes连用。

( ) 39. — How many books _____ they ________?
— Five. But they haven’t finished reading even one.
A. did…borrow
B. had…borrowed
C . will…borrow
D. do…borrow
解析: 选A。 此题考查时态,根据语境:他们一本也没有读完。可知他们以前借了5本书。强调过去。

( ) 40. He _________ his bike,so he has to walk there.
A. lost
B. has lost
C. had lost
D. loses
解析:选B. 此题考查时态,根据语境他丢了自行车,对现在造成的影响是不得不走路。





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